Centered in south St. Louis County, The Crest re-imagines an iconic location in a thoroughly fresh and modern way.

A mixed use development of shops, restaurants, a multi-screen movie theater, social spaces, offices, retail, loft units and senior living, The Crest encourages vibrant connections between people and space. A central streetscape enhanced by plazas meanders past stores and restaurants directs an easy flow. A large, open green space for community events encourages people to gather. Proposed programming includes active youth and teen engagement and adjacency to parks and trails encourages interaction with the spaces that surround.

With a strong focus on sustainability, The Crest incorporates rain gardens, bio-detention basins and green spaces into a thoughtfully designed landscape. A coordinated visual plan provides an integrated feel that supports a strong sense of place.

It’s a new twist on a classic. With consideration of the community’s current needs, sustainability and all age engagement, The Crest is for how we live now.




A sustainably designed property with thoughtful and cohesive design, The Crest brings a modern sensibility to a historic location.


The Crest reflects the dynamic nature of the area it serves in its design and functionality. The mix of amenities provides the area with new points for social and commercial activity.


 Pamela Wucher
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